My Very First Blog Post Ever…

So, this has been traumatizing me for the last month now. What should be my big opener? What will I start with to get my feet wet? I’ve asked so many people too many questions to try to figure this out, and I never really came up with a “perfect” answer, so I will just start with what I know, and that is me.

I am a shooter. This has become an identifier for me in the last few years. There are many other things about me, for example, I play piano and love to dance, but those things are just parts of me. My straightforward identity has been defined as a shooter. Getting to this point was difficult though. As I said, this has been developing over the last few years. From those years, I’ve learned a lot about myself, and especially about the hidden world of competitive shooting.

This is why I want to blog. The world of competitive shooting feels hidden. If you are on the inside, or in the know, you realize that the shooting realm is quite expansive, but its hard to know about this magical place if you can’t find the door to get in. I was introduced to it through collegiate shooting at the University of Utah, and when I got started, I felt like I never knew who to ask about what things. Sometimes I received advice and suggestions that weren’t in my best interest. It sometimes felt like high school, and I was a freshman again begging one of the older kids to tell me where my classes were. I’ve now competed in many different competitions, and gained some experience that I feel comfortable sharing.

Its becoming more apparent even in some of the higher levels of competition that information on getting started and basic competition know how is hard to come by for newbies. We sometimes forget what it was like being there, and although we are reminded of that feeling occasionally, recalling what it felt like trying to get started is hard. I hope to help clear some of those weeds and debris and create a clearer path by using this blog as a resource and example template.

With that being said, I need to know what are some of the questions that my viewers have? What am I forgetting to share? I want to be very open and helpful, so tell me what to help with. I also want to aide in explaining what I am doing for the many people that have never known about the competitive shooting sports. The more we understand, the better.

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt

This the beginning, and I will do my best to improve. I want to represent my identifier in the best light possible, because I am a shooter.

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