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As many readers here are aware, I am an Olympic Pistol Shooter. I’ve been shooting this style of sport for about six years. In that time, I’ve received several NRA National Titles, four USA National titles, a National Record, three Continental titles including winning my Olympic quota, and currently waiting…

Giving Tuesday 2019!

My Dear Friends! Many of you know that I have been selling t-shirts every year leading up to the Olympics. Each one is a little different so you can collect them!   This year's t-shirts are on sale now, but only for a short time longer! Sales will go through…

Let’s Get Along

Recently the team had an article published by KSL. It was a great article, and it really looked at the shooting sports in a positive light. It was refreshing to have someone from the news really focus on the sport rather than the fact that we, the team, had guns,…