About Me

I have been shooting all my life; however, I only starting shooting this style of shooting in 2015. I began shooting to make friends in college, and found that as well as an incredibly exciting career that I love.

International Pistol Shooting

International Women’s Sport Pistol and Women’s Air Pistol is a style of shooting performed all over the world and is celebrated at the Olympics.

Air Pistol is shot with a bolt-action pistol that shoots .177 caliber pellets. It is shot at a distance of 10 meters at a target with a 10 ring the size of an eraser head. The match is 60 shots fired in a time of 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Sport Pistol is shot with a semi-automatic, .22 caliber pistol at a distance of 25 meters. There is a precision stage and a rapid fire stage. During the precision stage, the pace is about one minute per shot at a 10 ring about the size of a golf ball. There are 30 shots in precision, and then, after a break, the competition  moves into the rapid fire stage. During this stage, the athlete starts in the “ready position” with the gun being held at a 45 degree angle from their body. When the light turns green, the athlete lifts to the target and takes the shot within three seconds. She then returns to the ready position for the next shot. The ten ring for this stage is about the size of a tennis ball. Both air pistol and sport pistol are highly competitive in the international stage.

To consider yourself competitive, you need to be shooting a 97% average. This sport requires discipline, dedication, and passion, but can be incredibly rewarding.

Titles and Awards

  • Women’s Air Pistol National Champion 2016, 2018, 2019 (Silver Medalist 2017)
  • Women’s Sport Pistol National Champion 2017, 2019 (Silver Medalist 2018)
  • Continental Women’s Sport Pistol Champion 2018
  • Continental Women’s Air Pistol Silver Medalist 2018
  • Olympic Quota Recipient Women’s Sport Pistol 2018